Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Create Bootable USB Flash Drive for Windows 7 or Vista


Step by Step Guide how to configure USB flash drive to be a Windows 7 installation

1.Need a USB flash drive
2.use a 4GB USB flash drive.
3.connect your USB flash drive to a computer
4.Using the DiskPart utility at command prompt
5.locate the USB flash drive using the List Disk command
6. use the command Select Disk...please select disk number
7.use the Clean command
8.Create Partition Primary command to create a primary partition
9.use the Active command to mark the partition as active
10.using the Format fs=FAT32 quick command
11.use the Assign command
12.use the Exit command to exit the DiskPart
13.The USB flash drive is now ready
14.copy the Windows 7 files by select all the files and folders
and then drag and drop them on the USB flash drive icon.

Please make sure that you go into your netbook's BIOS and set the USB thumbdrive as the first bootable device

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